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Scientist Pipetting

Prize Award 2023

Deadline to submit the work: 1st of May 2023

In order to obtain the Prize, the work should comply with the conditions mentioned below.

Conditions to be fulfilled in order to obtain the prize award

The work presented in order to obtain the prize award should comply with the following conditions :

1. In relation to the researcher

The researcher must have undertaken all or at least a substantial part of the work presented,
at either the UCLouvain or the KU Leuven, or in an institution affiliated to these universities. The candidate must not have exceeded the age of 40 years when their candidature is submitted.

2. In relation to the content

The work should, in accordance with the foundation’s statutes, constitute a significant contribution in terms of biomedical science that can advance clinical pharmacology.

In this context, the work should :

  • be original, in the sense that it should represent in itself a new element to the understanding of this field. A summary or compilation of other researchers’ work would not comply with this condition except where it included a significant, personal element – at least half – by the researcher that constitutes an advancement compared with the work cited in the envisaged field.

  • be recent : the subject of the work should have been published in at least one article that has been issued or accepted for publication during the past 3 years in a peer-reviewed journal.

  • not have been awarded any prize, before it has been submitted, by any other organisation, which offers similar or larger prizes; in order to assess this, the candidate should mention the prizes they have received; if the work wins another prize between the submission date and the date that the prize is awarded, they should notify the chairman of the foundation of such in writing.

3. In relation to the form

The presented work should be :

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